The utopia of social media for more life.


Our main intentions are:

Shared wisdom for love, a better now, and a better future for the children (all of us).

Are you looking for a community dedicated to helping you navigate life within our intentions?

As you probably know, life and information are a jungle and are constantly changed by ourselves or society basically. 

This community brings together experiences, knowledge, products, services, and more so that we can hopefully navigate life easier, more mindfully (mind empty in some cases) AND MORE FUN and enjoyable.

Some of UTOPIAMORE's features:

  •  Support groups for different forms of deceases and issues to help you and your family. 
  • Groups and spaces you can join of any interest you might choose to engage in (or just learn).
  • A dedicated community with good intentions for you to live your best life.
  • An online store (Utopia Market) that has the goal to provide you with the best products for your well-being.
  • You as a creator can collaborate with us if you have something amazing to share (just send us a message).
  • We have a huge focus on empowering the youth! By you learning and engaging in your real truth - you will be able to resist BS and know your worth. 

We connect the best tools possible for your healing and well-being


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